Jump or don’t jump, the choice is yours to make

How does a sky diver have the confidence to do it? How do they do it with ease? Why are they smiling? And why in the heck would they do it again?!

I can tell you in one word: Confidence

But how do you think they got that confidence? Turns out they went through the same steps we all go through. At some point they made a decision about what they wanted. Then they created a plan. Chances are they spent some time researching the sport and all of the variables. All of this leads them to the next, and most critical action—finding others to learn from.

They find coaches and clubs and teams to join so they can learn the skills. They practice their developing skills in front of the advisors, get feedback, and make corrections. They do this over and over and over again until it becomes second nature. Once they are ready they have gained the confidence they need to safely (and joyfully) take that big jump.

Business is no different. You make a decision to take action, work up a plan, you do your research, then you find someone or a group that can help guide you.

That is what the TC Dojo Conclave is all about— helping each other build the confidence you need to successfully jump.

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