What should be in a Year-End Review?

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What should be in a Year-End Review?

The end of the year is a time for us all to look ourselves over critically in the mirror and review our performance:

“In December, I want to look back at the year and answer two questions:
1. how did we do? and
2. what do we want to do better next year?”

~ The Fizzle

For those of us running our own business, it’s tempting to skip the annual performance review of ourselves or to simply do a superficial review of our books so we can meet with the accountants in February.

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Two tricks to tilt the scales in your favor [Public Event]

Ever wish you could tilt the scales in your favor? Boost your perceived value to others? Have people clamoring for your time and attention rather than having to chase people down while they run away from you?

Join us for the TC Dojo session where we will share a couple of tactics you can use. It’s a snippet of what we will be covering in the soon to launch TC Dojo Conclave, a Mastermind for the Techcomm professional. Tune in to find out more about it and learn how you can be a part on this new mastermind Conclave when we launch later this year.

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