Public training sessions

We never stop learning and if you are like us, you like to tap into training whenever you can.

When you’re learning, you look for every opportunity to learn new skills. You try related activities–like parasailing–to practice and refine specific tasks like landing or controlling your parachute. You can practice in a controlled environment. Learning a specific technique and practicing it every opportunity you get.

In addition to private group lessons, you might join a public class just to get in those extra hours. That’s what the TC Dojo Conclave offers with the public events. Extra opportunities to focus on a specific skill, a specific technique, a specific strategy.

Public sessions can benefit everyone. The TC Dojo Conclave is dedicated to providing opportunities for professional and authoritative skill development in our communities and in the members of the conclave.

Public classes to provide opportunities, opening up the sport and giving curious onlookers a chance to try in a controlled environment. Public sessions bring together students of every level. Less advanced students see what the advanced jumpers can do, seeing what’s possible. Advanced jumpers can provide guidance to novices and grow their coaching and mentoring skills as well! It’s one thing to learn in a classroom. It’s something else to apply your new skills in real life!

When we host or find trainings that we feel you may be interested in, we will post them to our blog. If you have a training you found beneficial and you want us to post it, send us a note.

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