Follow the plan that hits the zone

In sky diving they target a landing zone. This is where you are supposed to land at the end of your jump. It’s all been planned out and timed to precision. All you need to do is follow the plan and you will have a fun jump that goes according to plan and avoid any land offs* or bounces.*

Sounds simple enough. Develop the plan and stick to it. Sure, that makes sense to a seasoned veteran with many jumps under them but not to the novice. No one ever expects the beginner to develop the plan. It takes time and practice to be able to develop a solid plan for yourself.

If you have never jumped before, how are you supposed to be able to create a safe and effective plan for landing? You work with others who have gone before you and who have done it so many times that they can teach you how. They can teach you how to develop your plan and how to avoid mistakes that they may have made along the way.

Then you practice with experts who have your back. Literally and figuratively. As your skill and knowledge grows so does your ability to tackle more and more complex jumps and plans. Eventually you can jump solo.

For you on your professional journey, the TC Dojo Conclave is like have a diverse team of expert jump instructors wanting to share with you all they have learned. To help you jump with confidence knowing they have your back so you can hit your landing zone.

*A “land off” is when you miss the landing zone. A “bounce” is when you land to fast causing your body to bounce. This can result in severe injury or even fatality so you never want to do this. Obviously!

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