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Create a Rock Solid Foundation for Your Dream Business [Video Training]

About this video training course

Maybe you’re thinking it’s time to branch out on your own, maybe it’s time to move up in your company, or maybe it’s time for something different. No matter which scenario, for someone to hire you or your company, you must be THE solution that fills a NEED.

Clearing your vision of who you are and defining your brand allows you laser focus to attract customers. More than your technical resume or CV, the how and what makes you unique.

When you start your own business or start treating your career like a profession, you want to attract opportunities to you instead of having to always chase them down.

What you will learn

In this self-paced workshop, we will work together to begin to build your rock solid foundation so that you can build the business of your dreams. When you complete this two-part video workshop you will know:

  • How to gain customers by attracting them to you
  • How to identify who your customer is (and is not)
  • How to identify the keys that distinguish you from others
  • How to develop a self-inventory

This two-part video course covers all of the above through exercises to create a foundation for action. Plan your path to independence, to promotion, or to a new field. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves, dig in, and take action.

Bonus material

Workbooks that go along with each video are available to subscribers. The link to the workbook download can be found at the end of the video.

Want to take this session live?

This session works best when done in a live setting.

The videos are a more generalized, shorter, recorded version of the workshop that has been given at industry conferences like LavaCon, STC Spectrum, and AIIP.

You never know what someone else will say that is a trigger for you. When you’re at a live session, you can ask specific questions and you never know what the real possibilities are unless you have someone to bounce ideas around with.

If you want to find out when the next public offering is scheduled, consult the workshop page.

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Two tricks to tilt the scales in your favor [Public Event]

Ever wish you could tilt the scales in your favor? Boost your perceived value to others? Have people clamoring for your time and attention rather than having to chase people down while they run away from you?

Join us for the TC Dojo session where we will share a couple of tactics you can use. It’s a snippet of what we will be covering in the soon to launch TC Dojo Conclave, a Mastermind for the Techcomm professional. Tune in to find out more about it and learn how you can be a part on this new mastermind Conclave when we launch later this year.

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